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The influence of feed shape and prolein resource of artificial feed on the growih and survival rate of sand goby. Oxyeleotris marmorata (Blkr.), fry were evaluated in this cxperiment. This cxperimenl purposed to determine growth rate, survival rate, feeding efficiency, protein retention, lypid retention and look for the suitable artificial feed for sand goby. This experiment was carried out at the Laboratory of Aquaculture System and Technology, Department of Aquaculture. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. Bogor Agricultural University in Bogor. Factorial design was used in this experiment with two factors: feed shape and protein resource. There were two kinds of feed shape: dry pellet and moist pellet. Protein resource consisted: fish, squid, and shrimp. The sand goby juveniles were kept in aquarium 60x30x40 cm was filled 40 litre of aerated. The fish were fed of 7% (dry weight based) of body weight in three time of feeding (10:00, 14:00. 18:00 WIB), 30. 30, 40% total feed/day respectively. The amount of feed was adjusted every 7 days with sampling. The juveniles feeding with shrimp-moist showed better survival rate, growth rate, feeding efficiency, protein retention, lypid retention than those led shrimp-dry, squid-dry, squid-moist, fish-dry, and fish-moist. Dry pellet and moist pellet can be used for sand goby feeding. The artificial Teed for sand goby juvenile suggested contain altractant and had highly water stability. Shrimp and squid can be used as main protein resources in artificial feed for sand goby Key Word : Feeding, artificial feed, sand goby, Oxyeleotris marmorata. fry.


sumber: A.O. Sudrajat; I. Effendi. 2002.

Pemberian Pakan Buatan Bagi Benih Ikan Betutu, Oxyeleotris marmorato (BLKR.) Feeding with Artificial Feed on Sand Goby, Oxyeleotris marmorata (Blkr.), Fry. Institut Pertanian Bogor : Bogor.

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